The best coffee shops near Duke University.

Top 5 Coffee Shops Near Duke University Every Grad Student Should Try

Finding the perfect coffee shop can be crucial for a Duke University grad student. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to study or a place to catch up with friends, Durham has plenty to offer. Here are the top 5 coffee shops near Duke University you should definitely check out.

Joe Van Gogh Just a short walk from Duke’s campus, Joe Van Gogh offers a cozy atmosphere with top-notch coffee. Their selection of pastries and sandwiches makes it a great spot for a quick lunch or an extended study session. 

Cocoa Cinnamon Known for its unique flavors and vibe, Cocoa Cinnamon is a must-visit. With three locations in Durham, you can always find a place nearby. Each shop has its own unique decor but all offer the same great quality coffee and desserts. 

Dunkin’ Donuts Sometimes familiarity is key, and Dunkin’ Donuts, conveniently located near Lofts at Lakeview, offers a reliable space to indulge in your favorite doughnuts and coffee blends. Plus, they have free Wi-Fi which is perfect for students.

Triangle Coffee House Located in the heart of the Ninth Street District, Triangle Coffee House has a laid-back atmosphere perfect for relaxing or cramming for an exam. Their quirky interior and friendly staff make it a favorite among students in the area.

Foster Street Coffee If you’re heading towards downtown Durham, be sure to stop by Foster Street Coffee. Known for their high-quality espresso and spacious seating, it’s a great place to spread out your books and get some serious studying done. 

These are just a few spots that provide a perfect mix of ambiance, convenience, and, most importantly, great coffee. Living at Lofts at Lakeview means you’ll have easy access to all these and more.

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